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How to Make Extra Strong Plaster of Paris for Casting

2014-02-14 03:02:23

This is a craft recipe to make extra strong plaster of Paris for casting. Objects that you make using this plaster of Paris recipe will dry very hard and smooth. This plaster dries so hard that you can sand your objects with a fine grain sandpaper to give them an extra smooth finish. You can use extra strong plaster of Paris with any plastic or rubber molds that are suitable for plaster casting. Casting molds are available at any craft or hobby store and are not expensive. You can also household items as molds such as cardboard boxes, cans, muffin tins, ice cube tray, etc. Simply apply a good coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly to the entire surface of the mold you are using so the plaster will not stick. If you are using a cardboard box as a mold, you can rip the cardboard off the plaster when it is dry.


1. Mix the water and the glue in a bowl.

2. Put the plaster of Paris in a separate bowl.

3. Pour the water and glue mixture over the plaster and stir until smooth and creamy

4. Pour the mixture into your plaster casting mold.

5. Remove your object from the mold when it is dry.

6. Paint or decorate your creation as desired using any type of craft paint. Finish lawn statues or other outdoor ornamental objects with several coats of waterproof varnish to waterproof them and protect them
from rain damage.